Van Den Hul MC-ONE Special Moving Coil Cartridge

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A custom handbuilt moving coil cartridge; Special selected version of the MC – 10 Special with 0.65 mV/channel. A Van Den Hul “Special” cartridge indicates important improvements over its previous version. In this case the MC-ONE SPECIAL cartridge is equipped with a thicker front-pole and an extra small magnet, both further enhancing its resolution capabilities and output voltage.

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The latest MC ONE shows further evolution of it’s original designin that its output has increased, albeit slightly, to 0.75mV. A Van Den Hul moving coil cartridge really is a thing of beauty: both in the way it is impeccably hand crafted by AJ Van Den Hul himself – its TINY diamond is best appreciated under the microscope – to its ‘home-spun’ looking timber case that is hand labelled and individually specified and signed by ‘the man himself’.

I have included some photos of our first brush with this fine cartridge but units that I have installed since then prove what an impressive unit the MC ONE is – and, at $1699, what exceptional value for money it represents.


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