Pro-Ject Clean It Stylus Cleaning Brush

$25.00 inc. GST

The best way to clean a stylus that I know of. Clean It has all the effectiveness of a 1980s Discwasher SC2 without the need for a time machine!


Clean It Anti-static Stylus Cleaning Brush

Use Pro-Ject Clean It – turntable cartridge stylus brush to keep your stylus clean.

Your stylus, also commonly known as the needle, picks up every last bit of fluff and dust that might be trapped in the grooves of your record collection. That means the stylus gets clogged up, and you hear less of your favourite albums.

Thousands of tightly-packed, fine bristles clean even fine dust particles that can only be seen under a microscope! Clean It is designed as a dry cleaner so you can use it on a daily basis.

Stylus Tips:

  • Never use those ‘mascara-brush stylus cleaners. Not only is the brush too coarse, but the liquid capillaries up into the cartridge body and wreaks unseen havoc, shortening the life of your system.
  • A huff of breath is enough ‘liquid’ (ew) to make the bristles tacky for an effective clean
  • If you regularly gather a ball of fluff on clean records (and your stylus is more than 3 years old) then you most likely need a new stylus and double-check your alignment.

Gently clear away the debris with this carbon-fibre stylus brush so you don’t miss a single note. Keeping your stylus clean also helps it last longer, so it’s a win-win!


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