Hi-Fi! In Geelong Since 1975

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We will help repair anything purchased at Steve Bennett Hi-Fi since 1975

Steve Bennett Hi-Fi is located at 52 Little Ryrie Street, GEELONG.
Open 10am to 6pm weekdays and 10am to 1pm Saturdays (except public holidays).
Free 4 Hour Public Car Park across the street. Time limits apply.
Phone (03) 5221 6011 and Email [email protected]

Our Electric Summer promotion has begun and is now in full swing with customers already upgrading their hi-fi systems with
FREE IsoTek power products.

Electric Summer Promotion at Steve Bennett hi-Fi Geelong
Steve Bennett HiFi, located between the Little Ryrie St. 4 Hour Car Park and Moorabool St.
Steve Bennett Hi-Fi, located between the 4 Hour Little Ryrie Car Street Park and Moorabool Street

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