Encel Gelati 30 Bookshelf Speakers

$549.00 inc. GST

Encel Gelati30: A lot of luxury for little money. Remember Encel Stereo? The original hi-fi palace in Richmond, Victoria. For fifty years, you could buy from Encel and rest assured that you’d bought quality.


Encel Gelati30 is a crowd-pleasing design. Beautiful. Compact. Efficient. Forgiving.

Unusual in today’s market in more ways than one.

Encel Gelati 30 bookshelf speakers are a speaker you to add to an old sound system that upgrades your listening experience. They’re a wired speaker to add to an inexpensive amplifier with Bluetooth that produces more satisfying music than more expensive plastic (egads!) ‘wireless speakers.’ Encel gelati 30 speakers. Not the last word in fidelity and resolution? No. Not only would that speaker cost thousands, but it would show up flaws in its connected gear. That’s not Gelati. Not Encel. Encel Gelati enhances your sound experience. And, in a range of on-trend grilles and finishes, Encel Gelati enhances your décor as well.

Encel Logic

It’s not hard to build a great-sounding speaker. For decades, Encel sold speakers with soft-dome tweeters. Never metal. Soft dome tweeters – silk-like fabric in the Gelati30 – never sound harsh or ‘bitey’. When fabric vibrates, it doesn’t ring. It’s the obvious choice for a cost-conscious speaker. The trick with a fabric dome is to mate it with a midrange/bass driver. Enter Encel Gelati 30. Its woofer is also fabric – Kevlar in this instance – which blends seamlessly with the fabric dome tweeter. Other brands make woofers and tweeters in matching materials. They cost much more than Encel Gelati30.

The Gelati 30 is manufactured for Encel by a monster speaker manufacturer. They make speakers for many brands. But this is not a badging exercise. Gelati30’s tone was carefully selected for its purpose. Midrange is where music comes alive. Every instrument. Every note. The midrange is augmented with bass and treble to produce the tone. Encel, in Gelati30, aimed to get the midrange right. Voices are clearly intelligible. Lyrics and dialogue are easily heard. Guitars? Pianos? They seem to leap out from the speaker boxes. Warm. Rich. Clear. It’s everything you want in a sub $1000 speaker without the hassles.

Encel Style

The other thing you want is style. It’s incredible how little character affordable speakers have. Little black or wood boxes that are intended to hide away in your living room furniture. Not Gelati30! No way. The unusual name comes from their range of colour finishes. Birch black, yes. But Caramel Walnut with black or pistachio green baffles? Or vanilla white? Encel Gelati30 takes its cues from mid-century Italian holidays. Caramel walnut looks like nothing else on the market. Teak perhaps? Vanilla white isn’t just cheap white melamine kitchen ‘white’. It’s got a bit of spunk. But the character really comes from the speaker grilles. Encel has 12 colours (flavours?) to choose from! TWELVE!

Your Encel Gelati 30 bookshelf speakers augment your décor. Compliment it, even. Gelati colours make your new speakers as much a part of your living room as a lamp or vase, and they’re more at home in a fashionable homewares store than in  a daggy hi-fi shop… But that’s where their heart lies. Hi-Fi. Music. Pleasure comes from listening as well as looking and, if you’re on a budget, there’s no greater pleasure than these speakers, and amp, and a bluetooth receiver can produce for the money. We’re certain of that!

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Gelati Colours

Black Birch, Vanilla White, Caramel Black, Caramel Pistachio


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