Van Den Hul ‘The Crimson’ Medium Output MC Phono Cartridge

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This higher-than-usual output cartridge is hand-built by A.J. Van Den Hul himself!



The CRIMSON:┬áJust when you think “It doesn’t get any better”…

The CRIMSON is a top performance custom hand-built moving coil phonocartridge. A crossbreed of van den Hul’s The CANARY and The CONDOR. This cartridge is built on a base of Hawaiian Koa wood body. A.J. Van den Hul explains that Acacia Koa is a very fast-growing tree that only grows in Hawaii. It grows so fast that it forms rock-hard light fibers that have ideal stiffness and damping properties for a moving-coil cartridge body. The most recent variant of The CRIMSON are the result of A.J.’s experiments with Stradivarius violin varnish formula, cracked by German and French scientists a decade ago, takes many weeks to manufacture and cure and it imbues a gorgeous sound characteristic of its own…

Raw-finished, or treated with Stradivarius’ varnish, specific characteristics for this great cartridge are a relatively high (0.65mV) output, gold coils, a Samarium-Cobalt magnet, extended channel separation and superb tracking ability. The rubber dampers, used in The CRIMSON are aged 30 years. A.J. says that, because every permanent component of the cartridge is completely stable – manufactured in gold or plated in gold – The CRIMSON cartridge will have a service life of 30 years or more. A cartridge for life! Consumable components like the stylus and cantilever are easily replaced without affecting The CRIMSON body and armature.

As the popularity of vinyl is reviving again, many requests came in to develop a High-End phono cartridge for a more affordable price than The COLIBRI. The CRIMSON is the result and certainly one of the cartridges with the best value for money available. It is completely hand build by the master himself and comes with a 200 hour service check-up, free of charge (for the original owner).

Production time: The production time for a CRIMSON cartridge after ordering is about three weeks. Please call for delivery time.

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1 review for Van Den Hul ‘The Crimson’ Medium Output MC Phono Cartridge

  1. Mark Foster

    I am hearing things I have never heard before!
    Just the 2 S8’s by themselves and no subs is simply amazing.

    Thank again Ken.

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