Super ExStatic Carbon Fibre & Velvet Record Cleaner

$49.00 inc. GST

The best dry record cleaner around; the Super Exstatic gets deep into the groove to loosen dirt that you though would be there forever…


I’ve never been sure about wet record cleaners. Liquid and dust is a recipe for mud – and you not going to want that anywhere near your favourite vinyl records!

When it comes to dry brushes there are 3 basic designs :
1) Carbon Fibre Brushes – they’re fine enough to get into the groove and sweep very fine dust into a single (but irritatingly audible) line,
2) Velvet Brushes – their thick fibres don’t reach the groove wall that your diamond traces, so they pick-up dust that is virtually inaudible anyway.
3) Record cloths – cloths should be simply thrown away. Some actually push dust into the groove!

The best dry record brush I’ve ever purchased came from England and it cost me $59 in 1986 – it was very good, though. It combined the best aspects of carbon fibre and velour brushes – fine carbon fibres agitate and lift dust from the groove and a velvet pad dispatches it from the surface. And, well, Tonar’s Dust Jockey at $10 less, 28 years later(!), is identical in design and effectiveness. It very satisfyingly removes dust and debris from a record groove and the dry-lubricant qualities of the carbon can improve sound quality. It even comes with a tiny toothbrush-style stylus cleaner.

3 Easy steps to clean your records every time you play: (click on the product images for an example)
Step 1: Under it’s own weight, and rotation of the turntable, hold SUPER EXSTATIC so that the carbon fibres dig down into the groove. You will feel the ‘grippy’ character of the carbon fibres give way to a smooth action as the fibres align and friction is reduced.
Step 2: Then apply gentle pressure to the farthest edge of the brush, tilting it so that the velvet pad touches the record surface and picks up all the dust loosened by the carbon fibres. And that’s it! Your record is clean and static-free.
Step 3: Swipe the bristles across the blade-edge of the mounting frame to dislodge dust and debris from the brush and click the 2 pieces together for storage ready for next time.


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