Black Fortnight: Incredible Prices on Audiophile Favorites!

Black Fortnight 15th Nov to 2nd Dec celebrates a beloved wholesaler’s dodgy stock planning! With overstocks on popular product lines, the pricing on offer really is incredible.

We’ve never seen it before. We may never see it again…

Stock will run out! Click here & take a look at what’s on offer and call 5221 6011 today!

Rotel silver 14series; Pro-Ject Primary, Essential & RPM lines; Ortofon Styli and Cadenza cartridges and Monitor Audio ‘Monitor’, Studio & Gold speakers.

My highlights include Pro-Ject’s high-performance RPM3. It includes a $200 Ortofon cartridge with silver coils during Black Fortnight for under $550!

Rotel’s A11 just won amplifier of the year at EISA last month. I just sold one for $900 (sorry Gareth! I owe you one) and Black Fortnight’s price is under $500 in silver. I think it looks best in silver anyway! Auto signal sensing, BlueTooth and MM phono input. What an absolute bargain! Its bigger brothers (the silver A12 and A14 amplifiers) are half-price too!

Monitor Audio’s STUDIO speakers are a centre-cut from their flagship Platinum500 worth $40k! A very similar tweeter and 2 midrange speakers are modified to produce bass below 50Hz for a serious audiophile offering at $1250. Add their matching stands, a Rotel A14 and a ProJect RPM3 and you’ll stop thinking about hi-fi and concentrate on the music for decades to come… Black Fortnight price is $3,500 all up! Amazing.

So there are just three examples that are all ‘Forever’ products at low prices this fortnight or while stocks last. There are superb phono preamps, DACs, bookshelf speakers, subwoofers (I can’t help you with SVS – go figure), CD players, Tuners… you get the picture. Click here for a full list and give me a call on 5221 6011.

Ken Bennett 2019.