Atlas Cables Equator 2.0 Speaker Cable

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Equator 2.0 has been designed to offer an essentially neutral performance with none of the exaggerated treble frequently found at this price point. The result is a compelling, musical performance and exceptional value for money.



Atlas Cables Equator 2.0 is an ideal upgrade for mid-level or older audio systems in need of a little ‘TLC.’ Old OFC copper didn’t stay oxygen-free. You’ll notice that, when you strip off a new end, that the copper is discoloured – sometimes it’s brown or green – that’s no longer good for high frequency

Atlas Equator 2.0 is a speaker cable. It comprises two 2mm² conductors of ‘6-Nines’, or 99.9999% purity, Oxygen Free Copper. They are insulated by a high-density foamed polyethylene dielectric (insulation layer). They’re not the kinds of materials that you’ll usually find at this price point. The superior dielectric of foamed polyethylene, offers both a better measured performance and an audible improvement in dynamics over standard PVC or polyethylene.

The two core assemblies are precision twisted to reject radio-frequence interference. That is packed in cotton yarn in order to maintain the twist and reduce microphony and the whole ‘bundle’ is wrapped in paper. The outer jacket is in a neutral pearl-white finish.

Atlas’ proprietary Z-plug is a low mass, self-cleaning, solder free construction banana/BFA plug, available in black ABS to screw onto your speaker cables. Equator 2.0 is available ‘by the metre’ or in set lengths pre-terminated with Atlas’ proprietary cold-weld high quality ‘Z-plug’ banana or spade connectors.

Atlas Equator 2.0 comprises:

  • 2-Core Design,
  • 99.9999% Purity, 2.0mm² Oxygen Free Copper Conductors,
  • Polyethylene PEF Dielectric, 8.5mm Outside Diameter
  • Optional Atlas Solder-free Connectors


Additional information

Atlas Speaker Cable Options

Per Metre, 2 x 2m Pair Terminated, 2 x 3m Pair Terminated, 2 x 5m Pair Terminated, 2 x 7m Pair Terminated, 2 x 10m Pair Terminated


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