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Phone: 03 5221 6011
Mail to: PO BOX 138  GEELONG  VIC  3220
ABN: 22 511 209 127

Opening Hours: MONDAY TO FRIDAY 10 – 6, SATURDAY 10.00 – 1.00

22 thoughts on “Get in Touch

  1. Hi there – do you do turntable repairs? I have a technics SL B3 and it seems to be stuck on the “on” position when connected to power. If not can you please recommend me a repairer in the greater Geelong area? Thanks! Maryanne

    1. Yes Maryanne, I’s likely to be a contact that needs cleaning or re-aligning. Bring it in and I will work it out. Regards, Ken

  2. I have some very long stereo speaker cables which I would like shortening and fitting with RCA connectors to the shortened cables. Do you provide this kind of service?

    1. Yes Richard, Bring your speaker cables in. RCA connectors are unusual on speaker cables. If you’re not sure, bring the connector take a picture on your phone and I’ll make sure it’s right. Regards, Ken.

  3. Hi guys, does your Yamaha NP-S303 come in Silver? Thanks

    1. Hi Stew, Yes it does. But it’s $699 in silver so I didn’t add it to the listing. I only have black stock on special.

  4. Hi do you guys service and repair hi fi receivers? I have a NAD 7155 from 1985 that needs a service and maybe some repair work done, thanks!


    1. Sorry Jamie, I can’t help. Try Central Appliance Service on 52221418 or Andy G Electronics on 52150460. 33 years is about how long your 7155 should have lasted. If it’s anything more than ‘something simple’ you might consider the excellent Yamaha RN602 to replace it. It is a superb sounding receiver with up-to-date connectivity.

  5. hi can I get a price on Yamaha ttn503 vinyl 500 turntable , if so when will it be in stock.

  6. Is it still possible to buy a Hi-Fi component, audio cassette deck?

    1. No Pierce, I have not seen a brand-new cassette deck for more than a decade. The rubber components, that cassette decks rely on to operate, has a shelf-life of about 20 years. The best way to play tapes now is to buy a used high-end model and have it serviced; like this one . Parts and labour would cost $400-500 which, combined with the purchase price, is still excellent value for money. The K1020 was over $1000 30 years ago! Or this is an entry level model looks like it has already been serviced (because it wouldn’t be working anymore otherwise) and it’s not expensive at all: . Hope that helps.

  7. Hi guys
    Just wondering if you do turntable repairs? I have an old Demon DP-1200 that needs some tlc. It has issues with variance in speed (apparently commonplace with this model?), and also a connectivity issue with the RCA cables.

    1. Hi Chris,
      Thank you for your inquiry.
      Yes. Bring your turntable in.
      I can work on any alignment, signal and mechanical issues and clean speed control pots. If that doesn’t fix it, I can send your electronics off to be re-capped – I can’t do electrical repairs myself.
      When you get it back, all will be well in your vinyl world again.
      Cheers, Ken. 5221 6011

      1. Thanks heaps Ken. The ‘cleaned up’ DP-1200 is working an absolute treat. Very happy customer!

  8. GOOGLE REVIEW: Ken came to our house at short notice last Saturday and provided extremely professional, courteous, efficient and knowledgeable service in getting our music system operational following our move from Melbourne. He has also assisted in facilitating further assistance for work outside the realm of what he does which we greatly appreciate.

    We consider Ken displays the type of customer service we all long for – but unfortunately don’t always receive.

  9. GOOGLE REVIEW: Ken is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about all things HiFi.
    Not only did he help me tailor a system that allowed me to get the best possible result for my budget. He also had the patience to spend a good 3 hours showing me countless speaker and amplifier combos while teaching me about the benefits of various systems and designs.
    An enjoyable afternoon and one of the best retail experiences I’ve had in ages.

  10. GOOGLE REVIEW: Glad to have had the pleasure of being introduced to Steve Bennett Hi-Fi after they were recommended to me by a friend. Ken was incredibly helpful in answering any queries I had with in-depth and informative answers, and in addition, also helped point me in the right direction whenever he could.

    I can’t thank Ken enough for sharing some of his insight in Hi-Fi with me, and my experience with the store can certainly attest to reviews from others that he is a wealth of knowledge. It’s incredibly easy to tell that Ken is someone with a strong, genuine passion for this field, and will help wherever he can. Certainly refreshing to experience after experiencing so many other stores who have a bias behind informing consumers on products only to benefit themselves and their sales rather than to benefit and educate the consumer. Thank you for the positive experience and I will definitely be returning!

  11. GOOGLE REVIEW: Want to get your latest sound gear. You really have to talk to Ken. A wealth of knowledge and just down to earth.

  12. GOOGLE REVIEW: Phoned them up for some information and Ken couldn’t have been more helpful – can’t recommend enough!

  13. Sorry Joel, I can’t do anything electronic. Maybe try Music Workshop or Bishop Audio & Lighting

  14. Hi ,I have a meridian 506 CD player that has some issues reading cds can you help
    Regards pat

    1. Hi Pat, I have a very good technician in Melbourne that can take a look at it – no one in Geelong these days. At the 506’s age it could be the laser or leaky capacitors. It looks like after-market laser mechs for your CD player are still available. I expect that the cost will be around $500, maybe more, he’ll quote me if is and just fix it if it’s less. It’s too good a CD player to sit there unable to play CDs… Cheers, Ken

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