Yamaha YBA-11 AptX Bluetooth-to-Coaxial Receiver

$149.00 inc. GST

Yamaha allows you to stream music wirelessly from your Bluetooth mobile phone to the coaxial (SPDIF) input of any AV receiver or digital input device (e.g. DAC or CD/DAC).


– Bluetooth wireless Audio Receiver
– Stream music wirelessly from smartphones, tablets or computers
– Superior sound quality using digital audio connection
– CSR’s aptX® audio coding algorithm for better sound quality
– Easy setup/pairing

Dimensions: 66 × 21 × 66 mm
Weight: 40 g
Compatibility: All audio devices with coaxial digital input and USB port for power (can be provided by any USB port charger/plug-pack).
Packed with: Coaxial digital audio cable and USB power cable included.


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