Triangle Esprit ‘Gaia’ EZ Floor-Standing Speakers

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Esprit Titus EZ offers outstanding musical intensity and powerful bass for a product of its size. Easily blending to its surroundings, it competes favorably with many intrusive floor-standing speakers. Easy on the eye, Esprit Titus EZ masterfully fills any room.



Esprit GAIA EZ offers strength and depth in the bass that is stunning for its size. It is a true 3-way speaker design can be used either as a stereo speaker or as part of a home theater system.

Sensitivity & Realism: First of all, the Triangle sound is built on a decision to build only high-performing speakers. Triangle tweeters have a sensitivity of 96 db, which increases the overall efficiency of our speakers, thereby producing tremendous energy and vitality. They provide a natural reproduction of the instruments and voices. Triangle tweeters never sound overly bright, or ‘bitey’; decades of refinement have engineered a close to perfect balance between efficiency and tonality. As a result, the sound is literally brought to life.

The TZ2510 tweeter is a real Triangle trademark of technology and performance, and the latest incarnation of a titanium dome in combination with a compression chamber. This technology provides high efficiency with low distortion and excellent directivity. Studies from more costly designs helped to develop a new profile of the horn and improve the phase plug. It reduces the directivity to provide almost the same sound level throughout the room. Triangle has developed a compact engine with high magnetic power, by using a neodymium ring combined with an absorption chamber. The latter has been designed to stop the rear sound wave and eliminate distortions. As a result, the high-frequencies offer a ‘natural’ listening experience.

Speed and Detail: To recreate realistic voices – humans and musical instruments – a driver needs to be fast and accurate. Triangle research into light and resistant materials led them to cellulose pulp membranes (paper) for midrange drivers, due to its low weight and high rigidity, this assures low coloration, amazing accuracy and quality of voices. Because the Esprit Gaia EZ is a true 3-way design, its midrange driver has a corrugated fabric suspension, used in all of Triangles more costly models, to assure the driver stops quickly and precisely. This technology prevents unwanted resonance and produces a unique quality of sound it Gaia’s price range.

Rock-Hard Woofers: Triangle’s monumental MAGELLAN program culminated in speakers worth over $100,ooo! But, more importantly, it revealed the importance of how a bass driver influences the behavior of a midrange driver. Triangle developed materials based on fiberglass to control the cone so it efficiently muffles any resonance in the upper bass region. An Esprit Ez innovation is the overlay of textile material and fiberglass, which further improves the rigidity of the membrane. The Gaia EZ woofer, equipped with this new fiberglass material, quickly dissolves heat generated by the voice coil, and employs a double magnet system to improve sensitivity.

The Art of Cabinet Making: Particular attention is paid to the construction of the Gaia EZ cabinet. Speaker cabinets should not vibrate and, because they always do, they should do so silently. Thanks to a combination of high-density-fiberboards of 18 and 21 mm thickness, and intelligent use of reinforcements, Esprit Gaia EZ cabinets are internally divided into 2 smaller compartments to ensure very high rigidity in order to dismiss movements from the drivers. The Magellan project was a huge leap forward in the understanding of vibrational behavior. Triangle now use high-precision laser sensors in order to place cabinet reinforcements in optimal locations. Hence the Esprit Gaia EZ cabinet is designed to significantly reject coloration and sound distortion, and only deliver the beauty and depth – the musical work – achieved by the woofers, midrange drivers and tweeters.

Brushed Aluminium Terminal: Specially designed for Esprit Ez series, the terminal plate is created in brushed aluminium to provide ease of use, maximize connection integrity, and strategically  prevent vibrations and seal the cabinet. Each terminal is equipped with high quality copper binding posts with a self-locking operation to clamp down onto, often weak ‘springy’, banana plugs.

Crossover & Cables: All components used in the Esprit EZ crossover have been selected due to their quality: 1mm diameter copper coils and metalised film capacitors. The signal is transferred by a heavy gauge custom Triangle oxygen-free copper cable, which assures resistance and quality over time.

Sitting on a Glass Pedestal: Created especially for Esprit EZ, damped glass floor-plates enhance sound quality and visual appeal.

Description: 3-way Floortsanding Speaker
Cabinet type: Bass-reflex
Woofer: 2 x 5.25″ Fiberglass cone
Midrange: 5.25″ Cellulose cone
Tweeter: 1″ Titanium dome
Frequency range (+/- 3dB Hz – kHz): 47 – 22
Sensitivity (dB/W/m): 89.5
Nominale Impedance (Ohms): 8 Ohms
Minimum Impedance (Ohms): 3.3 Ohms
Power Handling (W): 90
Repetitive peak power (W): 180
Dimensions (excluding pedestal, W x D x H): 168 x 276 x 962
Dimensions (with glass pedestal, W x D x H): 230 x 315 x 980
Unit net weight (kg): 18

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