Triangle Elara LN07 Floor-standing Loudspeakers

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Don’t compromise between performance and size: Elara LN05 was developed in a way that ensures excellent sound reproduction from a floor-standing speaker that is slim, elegant and unobtrusive.



When you eliminate the unnecessary, only the essential remains and lets you focus on what matters most: music! Elara speakers feature polished black or white piano reflective lacquered finishes. Every detail – proportions, finish and gloss – has been chosen to make your speakers integrate seamlessly with other parts of your interior design. However, from the very first notes, Triangle Elara moves to the forefront of your room and sound becomes the center of your attention.

Excellent compromise between performance and size, the LN07 is a 2.5-way floorstanding speaker. Its slim, elegant design has been developed in a way that ensure excellent sound reproduction. It is equipped with two 165mm drivers – one is dedicated to midrange (voice) frequencies while the both units handle low, bass, frequencies.

Tweeter: Triangle has designed a new 25 mm silk dome tweeter that is central to the ‘smooth’ characteristic of the Elara series’ sound. Silk domes simplify and optimize speaker configurations – their crossover requires fewer components – while maintaining a flat response. Just like the tweeter of Triangle’s more costly series’, the Elara tweeter is the result of comprehensive studies. Its neodymium magnets and eminence voice coils allow optimal heat dissipation and provide better control at high volume. The shape of the front plate is the result of an intensive study, aimed at reducing reflections in order to deliver clear and precise reproduction of high frequencies.

Woofer: The drivers of the Elara range use concave, treated paper membranes. The membranes do not feature dust caps in order to increase their rigidity and efficiency. Elara’s optimized cone profile enables the entire woofer surface to be used to produce sound. More like a dome than a cone, this technology disperses sound waves and reduces distortion at high volume, while ensuring a efficiency at low frequencies. The drivers are equipped with oversize magnets to providing high sensitivity, dynamics and great pace.

Cabinet: Elara LN07 cabinets combine 18mm thick walls and a 21mm front baffle to ensures high rigidity and integrated damping. Internal reinforcements are placed inside the cabinet to eliminate unwanted vibrations and sound coloration. All Elara models have bass reflex configurations that extend the response of the speaker in the lower frequencies. The finish is of first-rate piano lacquer, polished to a reflective finish. Elara cabinets are equipped with a magnetic grill system and all screws are cleverly hidden behind stylish rubber rings. All the technical aspects disappear to make room for music.

Sensitivity: 91 dB/1watt @ 1m
Frequency Response: 42 to 22,000 Hz +/-3 dB
Tweeter Unit:25mm Silk dome
Midrange/Bass Units: 2 x 165mm/6.5″ concave treated paper domes in 2.5-way configuration
Power Handling: 110 watts
Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms
Minimum Impedance: 4.1 ohms
Dimensions: 1056h x 198w x 313d
Weight: 18.1 Kg
Elara LN07 is recommended for larger rooms (30-50 m2)

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