SuBsonic XM2 Mk2 Floorstanding Speakers

$1,699.00 inc. GST

Subsonic XM2Mk2 was the first model that we heard from Subsonic that really made us sit up and take notice of this brand. The XM2Mk2 is a very accomplished performer: its cabinet is large enough, the drivers are special enough, the slightly forward voicing is neutral enough, that these speakers sound immensely satisfying on any musical genre that we have played on them.



The new XM2 MkII represents a new standard in floorstanding loudspeakers in terms of build quality, musicality, reliability, and overall value for money in their respective price range. The twin woofer floorstanding tower speaker has been designed to provide audio lovers and videophiles with an outstanding product at a very affordable price.

The XM2 MkII utilises a 25mm treated silk dome tweeter from Danish Driver manufacturer Peerless loudspeakers which are renown for their very transparent qualities, and outstanding imaging. Proprietry mid/bass drivers designed for articulate musical accuracy, low distortion and high power handling capabilities. The cone is a doped paper composite which provides extremely natural tones, and impressive transient response. Crossovers utilise state of the art technology and components are of the highest quality. All inductors are 100% aircored copper, capacitors are non-ageing high voltage polypropylene, and all resistors are noninductive, to make the musical path as natural and open as possible.

The cabinets are crafted out of real timber veneers and have a lovely natural look and feel. A solid timber molding inlaid around the front edge alludes to the level of craftsmanship lavished on this speakers acoustic design. The cabinets have 360 degree bracing, and are critically damped with high grade acoustic dampening foam, resulting in an extremely low resonance enclosure.

Substantial 5-way binding posts allow for single or bi-wiring or bi-amping. Severe floor-spikes with locking nuts allows the speaker to sit rigidly on the solid floor beneath your carpets and a discrete spike pad allows you to enjoy the audible benefit of spikes, even when sited on hard floors.

Frequency response is extremely smooth and phase coherent, resulting in a very revealing, involving and ‘ live’ musical experience. SuBsonic have built the XM2 MKII to represent a new standard in sub $2000 audiophile loudspeakers.


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