Stereo System With All My Favorite Things

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Right now, I can assemble a system where each component blows me away. And together, I think the sum is even greater than its parts.

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…These are a few of my favorite things…

This stereo system is marvelous at filling a room with music. The speakers, new from French company, Triangle Electroacoustique have exceptionally deep bass and a warm, rich tone. A Yamaha receiver with 100watt amplifiers AM/FM and internet radio and a full MusicCast digital media player is a hi-fi system in itself. A Yamaha CD player and brand new issue Pro-Ject Audio turntable play all your physical media. And Atlas cables, from Scotland, wire everything together. So, with this stereo system, simply set these speakers and your sofa in a 2.5m (8′) triangle, sit back, close you eyes and… you’re away.

A Stereo System with Pro-Ject’s  Essential 3 Turntable

Pro-Ject EssentialFar more than a glossy Essential2, Pro-Ject’s Essential3 sounds clean and dynamic thanks to new materials and improved engineering. The laser-cut aluminium motor pulley makes speed more stable. Not that the old model sounded ‘wonky’, the Ess3 has a sure-footed punch and sounds more ‘alive’ than its predecessor. The Ess3’s new higher-density MDF affords a more detailed midrange. Voices, guitars and pianos really sound clean and exciting in this system. And, of course, because Pro-Ject eliminated nearly every scrap of plastic from the design, the whole turntable acts together as an energy-sink. It eliminates vibration that adds to surface noise. Your records sound cleaner – like you took better care of them – played on this turntable than on anything else in this price-range. The Essential3 is an absolute winner.

A Stereo System with Yamaha’s  CD-S300 CD Player

Back in the ‘good old days’ Yamaha made 4 CD players under $1000. That stopped when they released the CDS300! At $500, it sounded as good or better than their old $1000 design. Unnecessary gimmicks were scrapped. What remained was a credible basic CD player with decent sound and bulletproof reliability. There’s a USB port to play continuous music from a stick. But it’s Apple licensed so you can also hard-wire your iOS device and take advantage of the CD-S300’s 24bit/192kHz DAC. Stream Tidal on your iPhone or iPad and it equals the sound quality of a CD!

A Stereo System with Yamaha’s RN602 Receiver

Inside this receiver is an incredible stereo amplifier with 100 watts per channel. You might think, 100 Watts is probably more power than you need. But , to achieve it, means Yamaha have used large high-grade components in the circuit. When it’s connected to the Triangle LN05, it controls their bass beautifully. It has a decent moving magnet phono preamp so you can connect the turntable. A & B speaker switching means that you can connect speakers outside. Of course it has bass and treble controls but it also has, unique to Yamaha, a ‘loudness control’. Variable loudness lets you cut out tones that compete with speech so you can play background music at a higher level without interrupting conversation. Yamaha’s ‘Pure Direct’ button bypasses all controls and switches out the display for the highest signal-to-noise spec and best clarity. Add MusicCast technology (Bluetooth, AirPlay, Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, TuneIn, MusicCast and Bluetooth transmission) and you have a amplifier, charged with internet smarts,  that can power a whole house.

A Stereo System with Triangle’s Elara LN05 Speakers

I am impressed by this stereo system. Twice now, I’ve put on one track and listened to the whole disc! Triangle Elara LN05’s tone is deep, tight, fast and detailed. Voices sound full and present without sibilance or harshness. They play loud – not ear-splitting levels – but they don’t have to. A surprising feature of the Triangle’s sound is their presence at low levels. Elara LN05 cabinets come in gloss black or gloss white finishes. The idea it that the polished gloss reflects the colors of the room. White for light, bright rooms, black for darker, richer rooms. Fingerprints were once a problem with gloss finishes but microfiber cloths happily ended that dilemma. I can’t think of a speaker I’d rather own for under $2k than the Triangle Elara LN05.

A Stereo System with Atlas’ Equator 2.0 and Equator Integra

Atlas Cables is a no-nonsense Scottish wire manufacturer that pride themselves on first-class materials. For instance, the Equator cables use ultra-high-grade 6N copper. That’s copper with 1/10000th the impurities of standard OFC copper wire. You’ll find 6N copper in much more expensive products. And it’s instantly recognizable with it’s rose-gold hue and soft flexible stands. The technology includes special sheaths and  twists that reject interference. Even the plugs are special copper alloy and they’re welded without solder for a perfect copper-on-copper connection.The result is 2 3m lengths of speaker wire and 2 1m lengths of CD cable that instantly raises the level of any stereo system performance.

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