Pro-Ject Debut Carbon DC Phono USB Turntable with Ortofon OM10 Cartridge

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The original Pro-Ject Debut was released in the late 1990’s during a time when CD was king! This version simply connects to AUX on your current sound system or USB on a computer.

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The vinyl format was presumed to be all but gone but, well over a decade later, the Debut still stands and, now in its 5th generation, it has become an integral part of the rejuvenated vinyl and ‘budget audiophile’ turntable category. The Debut symbolises all that is good about playing vinyl; it is easy to set-up and fantastic to listen to, with the right mix of user-friendliness and opportunities to tweak and upgrade.

The new Debut Carbon DC Phono USB expands the Debut theme in a variety of ways; namely the inclusion of an 8.6″ carbon fibre tonearm, 12″ platter and rear-mounted junction box. The new motor isolation system also utilises a wholly unique rubber compound developed exclusively by Ortofon A/S to dramatically reduce resonance transfer from the high-quality DC motor this latest version (the clue is in the name!) turntable employs. With a high quality phono preamp and analogue-to-digital converters, this model simply connects to AUX inputs or USB inputs on a PC.

Key Features:
•8.6″ one-piece carbon fibre tone-arm, adding stiffness and reducing resonance around the pick-up cartridge (never found on budget turntables due to high production costs).
•High-quality cast metal counterweight – helping further reduce unwanted resonance.
•Two isolation ‘feet’ made especially by Ortofon A/S, used to decouple the motor from the plinth.
•12″ platter.
•Junction box installed with quality phono preamp and analogue-to-digital converters, allowing for the easy connection and upgrade of turntable interconnects.
•New low-noise DC motor and power supply.
•Factory-fitted Ortofon OM10.
•Black gloss finish.
•Lid included


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