Luxman D-38u Valve Compact Disc Player – Near New

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Luxman been around for 91 years.

Hi-Fi is totally influenced by trends! Not Luxman. As a result, their products are in a class by themselves. The Luxman D-38u tube CD Player, the companion piece to the amazing L-305 Integrated Amplifier, is one of those products.

As you can see in the picture, the D-38u has a valve output stage, giving every disc you play that natural warmth and musicality music lovers crave. Even better, this player allows you to select whether you want to run your favorite tunes through the valve output stage or the Class-A solid-state output. With the flick of a switch, select the sumptuous glow of the tube outputs or the tremendous detail and resolution of the solid-state stage. How cool is that? While the player certainly has a ton of retro appeal on the outside, everything inside this beautiful wooden chassis is pure 21st century digital.

Japanese Craftsmanship

Since 1927, Luxman has crafted audio products for the most demanding listeners. Luxman designs and builds products in Japan; each device carefully tested and evaluated. Luxman designs are unique, special and one of a kind. Their amplifier designs are usually dual mono and Luxman manufactures their own custom transformers in Japan. Even the paint Luxman uses on resistors iis selected after on extensive listening tests. The chassis is carefully tuned to control vibration and resonance. Consequently, Luxman products perform like a musical instrument.

Luxman’s attention to detail is second to none.

  • 16mm thick MDF case with a natural wood veneer enhances the overall rigidity of the D-38u.
  • More than just a pretty face, the 8mm thick front panel is a hairline-finished aluminum board, adding chassis rigidity.
  • All circuitry in the D-38u is optimised for CD. It achieves an ideal arrangement of power supply and audio signals.
  • Drive mechanism is supported on a thick 15mm base plate of pure aluminum. This adds stability and reduces jitter.
  • D-38u D/A converter features a 24Bit, 192KHz PCM1754 Burr-Brown DAC chipset.
  • Switch Output on the fly between Tube and Solid State.
  • Switch headphone output between Tube and Solid State on the fly.
  • Large, Easy to read display offers a 3-stage dimmer function.
  • Externally cosmetics mirror other Luxman 38 series components, including power ring indicator and up/down switch.
  • Supplied full function aluminum remote control with wooden border even allows adjustment of the SQ-38u volume.
  • Vacuum tubes in this CD player will provide a life-time of service. Luxman stress valves for 24 Hrs before installation.
  • Dimensions (W x H x D) 400 x 168 x 280 mm (without terminals and pots), weight 9.0kg

And The Critics Love It

“What the funk, I thought. This player is not genre-specific, moving from metal to cornpone with ease. Rod Stewart’s lavishly produced Soulbook, the remastered John Lennon catalogue, Ray Davies’ recent duets set – any variations in the sound due to the flicking of that switch could not disguise the fundamental nature of the Luxman: an elegant-sounding, if subdued player, designed as it should have been … to match a deliciously retro all-valve integrated.” Click here to read the Hi-Fi News review

Less than a year old, this comes complete with packaging and accessories and full 3 year warranty (1 year on laser)


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